Prepare Your Little One

'child holding toothbrush'Unfortunately, not every dental visit is remembered fondly.

Many of these experiences occur during childhood with a not-so-great trip to the dentist!

Yet, with a bit of preparation and lots of communication, you and your pediatric dentist can work together to ensure that your little one remembers their visit as pleasantly as possible.

Prepare Your Child

The most important way you can prepare your child for the dentist’s office is to start a healthy oral care routine at home. As soon as teeth start to appear in your child’s mouth, brushing and flossing (with supervision) is crucial in having healthy and happy teeth.


Before the visit, discuss with your child what dentists do, why they’re important, and what they look for.

Be Supportive and Reassuring

During your appointment, be supportive and reassuring. The new faces, sights, sounds, and machines in a dentist’s office can be daunting! Sit next to your child during their appointment, and make sure to give your doctor time to explain what the different machines do before they are put into use.

Praise and Rewards!

Afterwards, praise and compliment bravery: your little one did it! Make sure to grab a prize on your way out, encouragement and a reward go a long way. A little bit of preparation means you can ensure your child has a positive experience at the dentist that will set the stage for happy memories!

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