Patient Review from Mike B

AMAZING! I want to say a big Thank You to Dr. Carrie and Barbie. I never thought I would be writing a "root canal" review but here I am and after my experience today I had to leave this review. I was in for a cleaning last week, with Julie who also is AMAZING, and I knew I had a tooth that needed a root canal and crown. I made a follow-up appointment for the end of the month but last night the tooth decided it was ready for the root canal now. So after a very long night with no sleep I made a frantic call this morning at 7am hoping to get in and get some relief. Luckily I was able to get in and get it done today. I am not sure anyone ever looks forward to a root canal but after my experience today I would say if you have to have one Dr. Carrie and Barbie are the ones to go see. As I said to Dr. Carrie when she called tonight to follow-up, they should advertise as "Pain-Free" dentistry. I can say that I never experienced any pain from the process, in-fact it was a total relief. I walked in to the office in pain and walked up pain free, numb but pain free. I am also glad to report that 10 hours later all the numbness has worn off and I am still pain free!!! Dr. Carrie and Barbie you are an amazing team, I was so impressed how well you worked together, how you took the time to explain each part of the process and how you made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. I think I may have actually dozed off once or twice during the process!!! If anyone is in the market for a Dentist in the Inver Grove Heights area I would definitely recommend Cahill Dental.

- Mike B

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