Cosmetic Smile Analysis & Makeovers

What is the perfect smile? Some people are blessed with near perfect teeth. Most of us are not. But with today’s technological advances, most people can greatly improve their appearance by what we call a “Smile Makeover.” During a smile analysis, your doctor will first conduct an evaluation of key aspects of your smile: Symmetry, arch uniformity, tooth angles, color and translucency. Once the analysis is completed, you will be presented with numerous options that your doctor will discuss with you to find the perfect solution for your perfect smile.

Options for your makeover are varied and include crowns, bridges, implants, braces and veneers. Veneers are simply what they sound like. Made from porcelain or pressed ceramic, a veneer is bonded as a layer to the outside of your existing tooth. The layer is then shaped and polished to create a totally natural look. The result is visibly straighter looking teeth without extraction or replacement. Veneers are the perfect solution for modifying otherwise healthy teeth. Ask your Cahill doctor for a complimentary smile analysis. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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